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Introducing our rustic Furniture

Transform your home or cabin with furniture that embodies the beauty of nature and the peace of a walk in the woods.

Our indoor rustic furniture is handcrafted from the finest woods and polished with care to preserve the wood's beauty. Choose the pieces from our various collections that match your style. Our offerings include staples such as couches, chairs, and futons, as well as specialty pieces such as gun cabinets, coffee tables, and entertainment stands.

Echoing our dining room collections, our rustic living room furniture comes in a variety of styles and woods. Each collection features a different finish or wood type, including red and white cedar, aspen, and pine. We also feature live-edge furniture pieces for those looking to bring the edginess of outside indoors.

Find Your Rustic Furniture

Rustic Furniture for Bedrooms

Bedroom Furniture

Discover our rustic and log bedroom furniture and bring the warmth of the forest to your home, cabin, or Airbnb.

Rustic Cabin Furniture

Dining Room Furniture

Our collection of log dining room furniture is the perfect way to create an environment of peace and comfort in your kitchen or dining room.

Outdoor Furniture

Create an outdoor space that fits in with the natural beauty of the great outdoors with outdoor log furniture from Wildwood Rustics! 

Log couches, chair, and ottoman

Living Room Furniture

Enjoy relaxing in our Log and Rustic Living Room Furniture. You will love the rustic feel that fits with your taste for the old look.

Rustic Kitchen Cabinets

Match the rustic look in your home or cabin with kitchen cabinets that fit the style. Our rustic kitchen cabinet designs are eye candy!

Log Steps and Railing

There is almost nothing like the look of log steps and railing that will fit your cabin or rustic home to a tee—built to your needs.

Rustic Furniture By Collection

Why Wildwood Rustics?

It might be tempting to save some money and buy your furniture from a big box store. After all, why spend more money on something that might go out of style in a few years or you might just get tired of?

We get that. And ultimately, that’s your decision, and we understand if that’s what you decide. But before you make that choice, consider this: When you buy a piece from Wildwood Rustics, you aren’t just purchasing beautiful, high-quality furniture. You’re investing in a piece of functional art. Artistry that will eventually become part of the story of your life and that of your children. After all, your furniture is often the center of some of the best memories of your life.