Custom Rustic Furniture

Why design your own custom Wood Furniture?

At Wildwood Rustics, we specialize in building custom wood furniture pieces beyond our standard furniture models. We love to make our customers’ vision come to life, and we’ll build almost anything, as long as it’s made from wood. Even if you have a specific piece of wood you’d like to be used, we can do that as well. 

When we create our custom wood furniture, each of our craftsmen signs the piece they made, so you’ll have a guarantee of its quality, along with an added personal touch. For some inspiration, here are some of the pieces we’ve made in the past: 

  • Custom Living Room Furniture
    Nothing takes a living area to the next level like a unique accent piece. Whether it’s a log mantel, a coffee table with a stump base, or a corner cabinet with antler handles, our craftsmen will build a furniture piece that will match your style. 
  • Custom Bedroom and Bathroom Furniture
    If you’d like a unique piece of wood to be built into your bed or bathroom vanity, we’d be happy to create something for you. From our old barn wood-like rustic timber peg to the traditional log beds or vanities, At Wildwood Rustics, we go beyond functionality and strive to create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece for you.
  • Custom Dining Room Furniture
    Complete your unique kitchen cabinet layout with a rustic custom dining room set. Picture the warmth of a handcrafted log dining table or the charm of a corner hutch featuring distinctive antler handles. Make your kitchen and dining room your own.
  • Custom Outdoor Furniture
    Imagine basking in the sun on a handcrafted log bench or entertaining guests around a unique picnic table with a reclaimed wood top. Experience the great outdoors with Wildwood Rustics’ stunning custom outdoor furniture. We specialize in taking your old piece of wood and turning it into something extraordinary. 
  • Other Custom Wood Furniture
    Does your dream custom log furniture piece not fit in a specific category? No problem. From the beauty of a handcrafted timber peg desk or the functionality of a log entertainment center, we believe that every piece tells a story…so, what story do you want to tell? 

Your Custom Furniture Piece

Plan Your Design

Try to create a vision of what you want in your custom piece of furniture. Here are some great questions to ask: What need will this piece of furniture meet? What kind of style are you looking? What type of wood do want the furniture to be made from? What unique features would you like your furniture to have? 

It’s often helpful to find some pictures of furniture you like and get some ideas from those. If you have any questions throughout this process, we’d love to help! Feel free to reach out to us anytime you have a question. 

Call for a Consultation

When you have an idea of what you’d like to get made, give us a call. We’ll talk through the details of your furniture, from the furniture size to the specific finish you’re looking for.

Place Your Order

After we’ve nailed down the specifics of your custom wood furniture, we’ll give you a price quote. After you place the order, we’ll begin our process of crafting your furniture piece. The build time will vary depending on the type of furniture you order, but soon you’ll be enjoying the beauty of your piece of custom wood furniture.

Rustic Furniture By Collection

Why Wildwood Rustics?

It might be tempting to save some money and buy your furniture from a big box store. After all, why spend more money on something that might go out of style in a few years or you might just get tired of?

We get that. And ultimately, that’s your decision, and we understand if that’s what you decide. But before you make that choice, consider this: When you buy a piece from Wildwood Rustics, you aren’t just purchasing beautiful, high-quality furniture. You’re investing in a piece of functional art. Artistry that will eventually become part of the story of your life and that of your children. After all, your furniture is often the center of some of the best memories of your life.